The Reason

This blog was started as a way for me to record our, my daughter Luisa and our family's, journey with Amniotic Band Syndrome that presented itself on the head of our sweet daughter. And has turned into a journey of dealing with a fatal prognosis, and the very premature death of our sweet baby. My great hope is that we might be able to help at least someone, if not more, by sharing this experience.

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Utah

About a week ago, I delivered the precious body of my stillborn daughter, Luisa, at Banner Estrella Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. Banner Estrella was a wonderful hospital, once we were admitted. I started off hating them because of the wait, but then their kindness, compassion, and gentleness, as well as being very competent at their jobs, caused both me and my husband to fall in love with them. I really will be forever grateful for Nurse Darleena, Nurse Nancy, Dr. Suarez, Tammy the photographer, and the other few medical staff that I met.

Tomorrow I will be burying Baby Luisa in a lovely cemetery at the foot of the mountains in Salt Lake City, UT. We have no family in Arizona. My husband and I both moved there (separately) for work, we met there, got married and live there now, but eventually want to move back here, to Utah. Although, to be honest, being here in the dead of winter is not helping Utah win any points with me. It is C-O-L-D COLD!!! And the snow, oh the snow. It's everywhere, even in my car. Not melted, but whole and frozen, inside of my car, because its so cold. I grew up with seasons, and cold winters, but I have been in the hot desert for years now, 8 1/2 I think. So its been awhile. But my husband grew up here, and all of his family is here and the cemetery where we are burying Luisa is so peaceful and so pretty and my husband's grandparents and great-grandparents are buried there. It just felt right to bury our sweet Baby Luisa there. A lot of times when we come to visit ( especially in the summer when its hotter than Hades in Phoenix, and beautiful here ) I do feel like this place, this area is home. I was actually born just south of Salt Lake City, and also went to college not to far from here. So, this place is special to me too, for those reasons. We also got married here in Salt Lake City and it is so so special to me for that reason as well. So I am happy with our decision to bury Luisa here.

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  1. We're experiencing snow and cold in Georgia right now - I hate it! But, it is pretty :-)

    Praying your journey is one of many steps in your healing!